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Archive of: December, 2010

  • Well has the test failed or hasn’t it?

    When should you classify a test as Failed? This sounds such a simple question and you may think the answer is obvious; however there are some factors that mean a well thought out approach can have significant benefits to the test manager.

  • Maintaining Focus

    If you want testing to be effective and want it to be manageable in the wider sense of the word (understood by others, amenable to peer and expert review and controllable) then everything has to be focussed. Each constituent part of the effort needs a clear purpose and this has to extend down to quite a fine grained level. Macros level building blocks such as Functional Test, Performance Test and Deployment Test don’t do it. What is required is to break the work into a set of well defined heterogeneous testing tasks each one focussing on certain risks.

  • The return of an old friend.

    I have just encountered an old friend of mine; one that I see most places I go. My friend is that recurring defect - the different date format bug. In its most common and insidious form it is a mix of DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY representations of dates as strings. Date format clashes of any sort cause defects but this is the worst ones because for many cases it appears to work waiting to create problems in future or corrupting data that passes through it.