Technical Expertise or Delivery Reshaping

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Sometimes your own people or your suppliers will encounter exceptional challenges, challenges whose nature mean rapid and dependable resolution require intervention and treatment by teams with a track record of fixing these things, here we can help.
Technical Interventions

Some problems are technical ones, problems where their resolution requires the application of rigorous engineering discipline and strong technical knowledge and skills. Our engineering approaches and the availability of people with extensive and diverse deep technical experience and an ability to assimilate new technologies exceptionally quickly means we can form small squads that can take on the most demanding technical problem solving assignments. see some examples here

Programme Rescue

Many programmes of work do not go to plan, or at least do not follow a trajectory that will produce desirable outcomes as they are following a flawed plan. The causes are varied and there are many. Often a programme will be suffering from multiple issues, possibly combined with technical challenges. A siege mentally can develop with people working harder and harder to execute an approach and plan that simply is not working and that will never work. Turning these situations round requires strong leadership, contents based decision making and decisive actions. Our team has extensive experience of leading programmes out of the ‘crisis jungle’ and back onto solid ground. We have worked with organisations of all sizes, providing routes out of danger, for specific examples see here