About us

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Out History and Ethos

SQC Technology has been around since the early 1990s. We have always done much the same thing, helping organisations to deliver challenging software products and IT solutions. We have always focused on the same key disciplines, shaping work, definition, delivery management and assurance. We believe, and have regularly demonstrated, that an effective assurance operation can drive activities, drive both the pace of delivery and the quality of delivery. We believe, and have regularly demonstrated, that the “assurance perspective” brings something extra to the leadership of solutions delivery.

Led by people with a common vision, our service offering has “strength in-depth” with strong delivery, test, and technical skills meaning we are ideally positioned to provide the broad range of capabilities needed to organise and assure the delivery of complex software intensive systems. We have a culture of innovation, looking for, identifying and establishing smarter ways of doing things. We don’t accept the current, mainstream, “state of the art” as being the best that can be done.

Our client base has been broad. We have worked with organisations of all sizes, across many sectors on a highly diverse range of problems and projects.

Our Core Team and their Experience

Our well established core team formed around ten years ago and has had much the same make up since then. The continuity this brings means our people are very used to working with each other in diverse, highly challenging, situations. Altogether the core team have over 150 years of professional experience working in the software and IT delivery space. Their diverse backgrounds working as Programme Directors, Global Heads of Test Functions, Software Development Centre Managers, Programme Test Managers, Technical Architects and Software Developers provides a rich mix of skills, insights and aptitudes.

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What makes us different?

Definitely Different

The make up of our team and the way we approach things is different. Not many organisations that do what we do have similar sets of people and approaches. We are highly autonomous, capable, learn and adapt rapidly and willing to “take a position” rather than “play the game”.

Technical Capability

We posses technical capabilities and depth not typically presents in teams that focus on management and assurance, as opposed to actual development. Not only do we understand the technology we have to work with, we are able to:

  • Assess, sense check and challenge technical input,
  • Identify and crystallise technical risk,
  • Manage and direct technical resources
  • Operate autonomously where other teams would be heavily dependent on technical specialists.

Leadership Capability

Our ability to shape and lead work has been demonstrated over the years. The depth of leadership experience in our core team underpins this. We naturally tend to fill leadership vacuums, stepping in to eliminate disorder and bring focus onto critical actions.


We strive constantly to do better than and to improve on “the state of the art”. We do this by looking carefully at what has to be done and how it can be done better. By innovation both in organisational and operational approaches and in the use of software to support what we do.