Professional testing of Microsoft ERP programmes

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Microsoft AX is moving up. There is a growth in programme scale and complexity. Historic delivery models are now found wanting. There is a need to adopt enterprise scale ERP programme practices. Effective independent quality assurance and testing is one of the cornerstones of this.

The historic model

Historically AX has been a mid market product, for example when compared to SAP, and programmes have been of moderate scale. The delivery model has been “partner led”. The Microsoft AX partner takes a dominant position in the programme. In the testing space the partner generally does everything bar the user acceptance testing.

A contrasting model

In the enterprise IT solution space and on large scale ERP programmes a more balanced delivery model exists. The technology supplier along with their partner focus on the build and configuration of the solution. The ecosystem of broader activities that make up a programme are managed and delivered separately. Analysis, definition, test and data migration are examples of activities best split from the core implementation activities.

Programme testing in the AX world

Programme generally means user acceptance testing and generally takes place at the end when the game is already over. Programme testing resources and leadership is either drawn from the contract market or possibly from a general business consulting firm. Neither sourcing solution provides a turnkey testing solution.

The Alternative Model

The alternative model is to contract testing as a service from a proven experienced testing supplier. The benefits are single accountability for the effectiveness of assurance and independence from the delivery partner. SQC can provide this service. For insights and information on ensuring the successful delivery of your Microsoft ERP programme read more about testing for Microsoft Dynamics and AX programmes