Engineered Solutions

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Solutions enabling the delivery of solutions and software that are coherent, robust and that are supported by solid, soundly engineered, tooling

Experience Based

After nearly 40 years of working in software development and on software delivery projects we have developed a very solid understanding of what makes software development tick. This experience and understanding is reflected in the services, engineering support and tooling we can offer to organisations who need to establish or improve a software development capability.

Practice and Process

We can offer assistance defining practices and work / code flows that support effective working at many scales from ways of working for individual teams to macro level practices required when multiple organisation and teams need to collaborate to deliver the development of a product whilst supporting services or customers on established product releases.

Process Automation

Automation is at the heart of high performance software delivery, automation of build, quality control, environment creation and test. However, organisations can struggle when it comes to applying these techniques. Doing it well is complex and demands strong engineering skills. Many ‘homebrewed’ automation regimes are sub-optimal, expensive to maintain and poorly maintained. We can offer solutions based on the reuse of established, proven, implementations of pipelines providing continuous automation of all stages of build and test.

Accelerate Delivery using Continuous Testing of Components, Integration the Solution

Continuous automated testing is not a panacea but it is a major contributor to, really an essential element of, an ability to release frequently and safely. Releasing frequently, without issue, is one of the key factors leading to increased throughput and reduced time to market.