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Professional Testing

SQC Technology provides strategic advice and services to organisations that develop complex software systems and to those whose activities have a critical dependency on these technologies.

We enable our clients to test effectively from day one, to test rigorously using industry experts to do the job and to test efficiently benefiting from our optimised capability and scale. Our ability to flex professional test capacity “on demmand” to match your release cycles and pay for what you need, rather than pay for a standing team of testers.

Guiding and supporting the business through the testing process, ensuring a focused and effective delivery using agile testing, automated test frameworks, continuous integration and providing technical expertise such as performance and load testing to address your exposure to load related risk.

Alternatively, we can provide a programme assessment / health check to identify how well the technology and change delivery plans align with what is needed for a successful business acceptance.

Experience and reputation

Our leadership team has worked in testing for more than twenty years. They have owned and run some of the largest testing operations in the UK telecoms and financial services sectors. They are called in to provide professional testing services, test consultancy, leadership and programme troubleshooting when large complex enterprise IT programmes get into trouble. We have a history of bringing this expertise to be bear to support medium and small size enterprise with their IT and software programmes

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Lets explore how we can bring certainty, quality and value to your programme.

Working with us

We Lead

Complex and challenging programmes need effective direction. Direction and management are complementary disciplines. Direction provides vision, leadership, drive and decisiveness things that are often found wanting. Programme management helps to ensure direction is followed. We can help you move from just managing to directing your programmes.

We Deliver

Effective delivery requires an effective operating model. This model needs to be carefully designed to deal with the major challenges and risks of the work being undertaken. It needs to be resilient so that it can deal with the unpredictable behaviour of the wider world.

We Test

High quality and professional testing is game changing. It provides the essential operational intelligence and quality control that underpin sound delivery. Establish an autonomous first rate testing practice at the heart of the delivery machine and your chances of success soar.

What we do

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