Direct the programme don’t just manage it

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Complex and challenging programmes need effective direction. Direction and management are complementary disciplines. Direction provides vision, leadership, drive and decisiveness things that are often found wanting. Programme management helps to ensure direction is followed. We can help you move from just managing to directing your programmes.

Direct with confidence or drift?

Programmes can be directed or they can drift. We help organisations, large and small, change the way they lead complex and challenging programmes. We help them deliver faster and with more certainty. We help them recover and move forward. We help them make a sure start on new programmes.

What do we know?

We have years of experience occupying “hot seats” within large challenged enterprise IT programmes. We have years of experience in software development management. We have technical depth and extensive operational experience.

Why we can help?

We can create and nurture a new active governance model and leadership culture that will bring direction to the work you are doing. The confidence ethos and approach we develop within leadership teams has transformed the fortunes of failing projects and invigorated struggling development pipelines.

What is the first step?

Read about flawed programme control models to see examples of why things go wrong. Learn more about a different approach and how it compliments established management practices in The Direct Approach. Alternatively, if you would like to speak directly, then send an email with your contact details to our mailbox and we will get back to you at your convenience.

What are the next steps?

All situations are unique and present different challenges and opportunities. The next step will depend on the situation and could range from an executive level review through a detailed programme health check up to an immediate intervention to drive rapid change. We can tailor a to response to the situation that presents itself. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Direction in action

CRM & Billing Transformation - This programme was fully managed by the tier-1 systems integrator responsible for its delivery, a commercial model, “pay us and we will deliver”. In crisis, massively behind schedule, degrading customer experience, unstable and actually “in the news”, a change was required. The CIO brought in a team that had the direct ethos. Where previously there were project managers, controlling budgets and plans, now there were engineers. The relationships with the suppliers changed, content based debates of what and how became the norm, a shared collaborative leadership pattern. Within a year delivery became more dependable and the solution had started a long journey that would take it back to health.