Our Key Players

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Our Leadership
  • Neil Hudson CEng - CEO/CTO

    The founder of SQC, Neil leads the business, acts as the principal Test Architect and drives innovation into the way SQC delivers service and uses technology and software to supports its services. He is highly experienced across a broad range of delivery and development remits having worked in the software development arena for more than twenty five years. During his career he has written complex real-time embedded software, led projects, recovered projects and done an awful, awful lot of testing. He remains technical and has been the designer and author of many of the tools SQC has produced to support its work. His detailed knowledge of the more sophisticated features of languages such as C# has been exploited to produce innovative tools that get things done that otherwise would be arduous if not impossible.

    In addition to his role leading SQC’s service offerings, Neil is also called upon to help organisations with projects and programmes that are in trouble. He has a great track record delivering rapid, and accurate, situation assessments, of shaping the recovery of projects and of leading the efforts to get projects back onto a healthy trajectory.

Our Core Specialists
  • Sarah Clark - Principal Test Specialist

    Sarah loves testing, well actually she loves breaking software. Pedantry and persistence beyond what anyone would perceive as the norm combined with a determination to do a great job, whatever it takes, made her a superb tester from the start. On top of these instinctive behaviours Sarah has a well founded and highly systematic approach to test analysis, exceptional test delivery capabilities and extensive test automation skills. She has the ability to convey “how to do it right” and to inspire a passion for “doing it right” in the teams she leads.

    With eighteen years of diverse project experience Sarah is not limited to test delivery, she can shape and manage entire testing campaigns and has the ability and personality to shape behaviours and outcomes across an entire software delivery team. Prior to joining SQC she had a successful career in management accounting, where one claim to fame was that she managed to create, and reproduce, an “impossible” single legged accounting entry within an accounting package she was acceptance testing.

  • Ramesh Vora - Principal Technical Lead

    Ramesh gets technology, he is an out and out technology groupie. When we need something technical understanding or doing then Ramesh is a safe pair of hands. You can rely on him to deliver things personally, you can rely on him to organise others, those less well informed and less disciplined, to get the right thing done. Extremely patient, diligent and systematic he helps to bring order out of, potential, chaos. Ramesh has a deep intrinsic understanding of the technology underpinning IT. He applies this understanding in many diverse ways for SQC, ways ranging from internal technical operations, through tool development to leading the delivery of technical testing engagements.

    Prior to working with SQC his eighteen year career took him into Oracle where he was one of the lead technical architects on the Siebel CRM product. His abilities saw Oracle deploy him into key global accounts that were in difficulties, a situation where he first came into contact with SQC.

  • Kevin Jackson - Engineering Lead

    Kevin comes from a hard core software delivery background having had a long successful career within British Telecommunications software engineering organisation. The senior leadership positions he held have included development lead for the 999 call centre workstation, Centre Manager for the Glasgow Software Development Centre and IT Programme Director for BT Retail’s IT response to the Offcom’s 2005 decision to force the creation of OpenReach and the separation of all IT systems.

    Whilst his principal remit within SQC has been as Engineering Lead, ensuring the engineering we do is done correctly, his broader experience has also been extensively applied to the implementation of sophisticated test automation solutions and to perform situation assessments on client software development operations.