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Health Check / Programme Assessment

We are experienced and sceptical. For many years we have delivered programme assessments and programme assurance remits. We did our first programme review back in 1991. These days we are called on by the CIOs of global players to look at their most difficult programmes, identify whether things need fixing and then to put in place the ongoing assurance needed to keep them out of trouble.

Typical drivers and aspirations for an assessment can be to reduce costs, lifecycle times, risks, or to improve quality, confidence, governance we can focus our assessment on one, a few or all of these drivers.

Specification assurance

Weak specifications are the Achilles heel of development, sound specifications drive down cost, reduce delay and shift left the devlopment. Ambiguity and gaps in specifications tend not to be recognised until the test team start working with them and often by then things have already been built and either need correction or have to be tolerated. Engaging the test team in specification assurance helps to improve their quality. Awkward questions are asked before the development is done and rework is avoided. Our analysts bring this “tester” perspective and intolerance of ambiguity to the specification processes. Specifications become clearer and stronger and “fit for test” ahead of development.

Agile testing

Reducing the time to deployment means adopting development techniques from the agile school. Rather than a monolithic build and test stages, development and test teams can work together to test things as they are built.

Quicker feedback and better interaction reduces costs and improves quality. Our leads and their teams are practiced at working alongside development teams using agile risked based testing, focused exploratory testing and rapid feedback to drive up the quality of software whilst the cost to fix is lowest.

Solution testing

A complex solution needs professional, fit for purpose, solution testing. Testing delivered by a team that understands the domain, knows how the solution might be used, is technically aware and technically capable. Testing using diverse approaches to search for different types of issues. Testing that is constructively aggressive and challenges assumptions as well as the implementation.

Solution testing is not a single discipline. It contains overall risk analysis, risk based testing, design of a test architecture and delivery model, test suite design, test analysis, test set and data design, test preparation, test execution, anomaly analysis and defect resolution. It contains both exploratory testing and scripted testing, both manual activities and automated tests, both assurance of specifications and assurance of systems. We have capabilities in all of these areas.

Load and Performance testing

In our 24x7 world systems need performance, reliability and availability are key to the success of your business solution. Slowness, lost transactions and downtime cost you time and money. Our team’s expertise in the delivery of non-functional (load, performance and stress testing) on large scale enterprise systems provides you with the capability you need to make certain your system will behave in service.

We have the people, skills, experience and approaches needed to work with you to address your exposure to load related risk. We have delivered across a wide variety of solutions and organisation types. We have worked with “standard” website, high volume transactional portals, APIs, telecoms network elements, financial software products, ERP systems, CRM systems, provisioning systems and billing platforms.

Test automation

Todays, software development needs to be delivered fast, and be of high quality. Our test automation specialists can work with you to review your business objectives to define both what is suitable for automation and how to maximise your ROI.

We have experience with most test tools, particularly Open Source tools such as Selenium, Cucumber and Gherkin using TDD / BDD processes. We specialise in implementing and building frameworks to provide a scalable, flexible regression test capability. Enabling more frequent tests and continuous integration, increasing the test coverage in less time and increasing the quality of your testing by eliminating human error.

Niche services

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is moving up. There is a growth in programme scale and complexity. Historic delivery models are now found wanting. There is a need to adopt enterprise scale ERP programme practices. Effective independent quality assurance and testing is one of the cornerstones of this

In the AX and 365 world customisation means software development and software developments needs software testing. TestingDynamics, an arm of SQC Technology apply rigorous software test analysis techniques and test execution practices to ensure customisations are not the weak points in your AX software. We have developed 1000’s of reusable test scripts, automated regression test pack and load & performance test suites. this enables our clients to save time, money and reduced risk of their Microsoft Dynamics AX or 365 upgrade or implementations

Business Acceptance

True business acceptance is an art. Business people need to be active participants at all stages. When done well it makes a great contribution to the success of change. It needs to be taken seriously. It needs to be done right.

Our experience means we can help you shape a fit for purpose business acceptance approach. Then, when the time comes we can guide and support the business through the testing process, ensuring a focused and effective delivery. Alternatively, we can provide a health check assessing how well the technology and change delivery plans align with what is needed for a successful business acceptance and how well preparation for acceptance is going

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