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  • To release or not to release, that is the question.

    Here are two interesting propositions. Number one; test managers should focus on getting as quickly as possible to a state where it is obvious that further testing offers little benefit compared with finding out how the system survives in the wild. Number two; it is easier to make the decision to release a system when delaying the release to permit further testing is not likely to put you in any better position than you are already in.

  • Performance by request.

    After doing a fair bit of performance testing and troubleshooting we have seen the effects of performance only receiving attention at the end of the project. We encounter teams making herculean efforts to ring acceptable performance out of systems; we encounter systems that do not reach and never will reach acceptable levels; we encounter cancellations.

  • Testing the discipline that lives in Flatland

    Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is a novella set in world whose citizens are only aware of two dimensions; the third one is a secret. After many years of observing the way that organisations approach software testing I have an ever strengthening belief that testing is hindered by a failure to recognise dimensions along which layered approaches should be used. Testing is a discipline where anonymous uniform interchangeable tests exist and managers think in two dimensions these being effort and schedule. These Flatland style limitations leads to testing that is both ineffective and inefficient,

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