About SQC Technology

We are a well-established professional testing consultancy with a history going back to the early 1990s.

SQC Technology provide strategic advice and services to organisations that develop complex software intensive systems and to those whose activities have a critical dependency on these technologies.

Led by people with a common vision of how testing deployments needs to be successfully delivered. Our service offering has “strength in-depth”, with strong test management, and technical test teams able to provide the broad range of capabilities needed when testing or transitioning to agile projects or Dev Ops.

The test management team has worked together across the last ten years and, combined, have seventy five years of experience in the testing business. Senior posts previously held by team members include, overall director of testing for a tier-1 global telecommunications company. Head of testing positions for investment and retail banks. Assurance lead for global transformation programmes and delivery leadership of multi-million pound software development projects.

Separately, and together, we have built and operated very large scale testing services and have led some of the largest and most challenging projects in the commercial sector undertaken in the last decade. Organisations we have managed, have contained in excess of two thousand testers and have had annual budgets of over eighty million pounds.

Likewise the service delivery teams are led by test professionals with a strong quality ethos, many years of disciplined test delivery and a strong understanding of the business domain.

Behind the leads sits a well proven test delivery factory backed by engineering and technical services delivering automation, continuous integration, load testing, performance testing and other capabilities to support testing.

The team has experience of diverse business domains and of a rich variety of technologies. As well as testers, it includes people with highly honed technical skills and deep technical experience which means they are able to succeed when delivering technical testing where less experienced and less adept teams often fail.

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