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Master Your IT Risks

When facing the challenges of large scale complex IT solutions a partner with an alternative view and specialist capabilities can make all the difference.

We specialise in making that difference with disciplines covering:

Programme Assurance Shaping the right programme structure, governance and practices to ensure dependable and predictable delivery. Working at all levels to identify, control and eliminate delivery, technical and exploitation risk.

Solution Assurance Managing large scale testing and evaluation programmes. Delivering specialist, technical and automated testing. Establishing sustainable in-house assurance operations and governance of outsourced activities. Performing technical risk assessments.

Our success in making a difference is built on:

Leadership Leadership is the key to success in difficult situations. Our strong leadership aptitudes ensure effective action in the face of uncertainty, fluidity and obstacles.

Results Results, rather than effort, make the difference. The need to get the right result drives everything we do. We fully exploit our organisational and operational disciplines and technical capabilities to deliver reliably and efficiently.

Commitment Committment and flexibility to go that extra distance alongside the client team provides the first class service required in today's uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Capability Our people are highly skilled multidisciplinary operators. Combining technical, assurance and solution delivery management capabilities with wide business experience they thrive on and rise to challenges in any environment.

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Our Thoughts The articles in this collection represent our views and opinions on issues in professional IT delivery. Naturally the bias is towards testing and management; however some articles range further afield. Shaped by our own experiences, both successes and failures, they aim to stimulate thought, debate and maybe change amongst readers. See the examples on the sidebar to the right

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